Question about Devera

Wed Mar 5 13:57:52 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Warlord wrote:

> Correct.  The communcation is understood.  Like I said, *what* you say is
> more important that *how* you say it, although I agree that "how" definately
> influences how easily the intended meaning is communicated.  Your method
> of communication is intended to be a main focus of the entertainment, though
> without meaning the delivery would not have its intended affect.

My two cents: there aren't "meaning"s, there are only utterances.  See
_Consciousness Explained_ for an explanation, or go with (McLuhan's?)
"The medium is the message".

It doesn't bother me that you write "definately" as I hope it doesn't
bother you that I tend to qualify what I say to such an extent that I
don't actually say anything, but it does mean that I respond to your
writing differently than I do to say Mark's.  Or that he responds
differently to this post than he would have if I had gone to the trouble
of looking up how spell "McLuhan" or even to getting the correct
attribution.  Some communities are more stringent in such matters than
others, but I'd be surprised to see an example of a group that is
radically inclusive.