Question about Devera

Wed Mar 5 14:51:54 PST 2003

> > >Reception is up to the recipient. Creation is the prerogative of the
> > >deliverer.
> >
> > Balderdash!  Creation may be the perogative of the deliverer, but if the
> > deliverer has any interest in having his creation appreciated, he damned
> > well better take the receiver into consideration, else he might
> > as well be crying poetry to the wind.
> >
>So he cares so much about the message that he takes the receiver into
>consideration when composing ?

If he is interest in having it receive, he does.  An author who does not 
take his audience into consideration quickly finds himself without one 
(expecting acts of serendipity and genius, of course).

>Again, the delivery, while important,
>is not AS important as the message itself.

I am not sure where you are drawing the distinction between the two.  I am 
taking "delivery" to refer to the composition of the message, thus integral 
to the message.  How are you defining the two?

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