Wed Mar 5 15:19:27 PST 2003

At 05:11 PM 3/4/2003 -0500, Jason Derleth wrote:

> So, since Steve put a description of how Klava is made in _Issola_,
> I've  recently gotten it in my head to make some. Eggshells are an old
> trick for taking the bitterness out of coffee, and I figured that
> woodchips couldn't be any worse than chickory.

 >I am...
 >I don't know what I am.
 >I am delighted it tasted good.

I tried it myself this morning--well, I made it for my wife to try this 
morning; I'm allergic to coffee--and she reported it to be extremely 
good.  Didn't have any wood chips, so I substituted almond milk with 
vanilla, killing two birds with one stone.  I'd be curious to find out 
what types of wood chips worked for everyone else... also used a plunger 
pot, which handled eggshells well.  Used organic, shade-grown, 
fair-traded coffee for what that's worth.  And yes, I know a Seattle 
resident who doesn't drink coffee is likely to be shot on sight! 
 Although it's very nice to be the only driver in Seattle without 
toothmarks on his steering wheel.