I'm going over the Falls for this one, I know it.

Thu Mar 6 08:39:03 PST 2003

Just sit right back and you'll read a tale,
A tale of a fateful world,
It was started by the Jenoine,
Then politics unfurled.

The assassin hero was an Easterner,
His familiar witty and sure,
Add five supporting characters,
Who through his plans endured, through his plans endured.

His philosophies were getting bashed
His wife would leave him, it's true,
But through the Paths he would prevail,
Because Verra wanted him to, Verra wanted him to.

The plot set down inside of this Enchanted Mountain of Dzur,
With Loiosh,
And Sethra too,
Vladimir and his wife,
The Demon Goddess,
Aliera and Morrolan,
Here on Paarfi's world.