I'm going over the Falls for this one, I know it.

valerie at drizzle.com valerie at drizzle.com
Thu Mar 6 10:38:40 PST 2003

bravo warlord!

will this be the inspiration for volumes of vlad-as-gilligan fan fiction?


> Just sit right back and you'll read a tale,
> A tale of a fateful world,
> It was started by the Jenoine,
> Then politics unfurled.
> The assassin hero was an Easterner,
> His familiar witty and sure,
> Add five supporting characters,
> Who through his plans endured, through his plans endured.
> His philosophies were getting bashed
> His wife would leave him, it's true,
> But through the Paths he would prevail,
> Because Verra wanted him to, Verra wanted him to.
> The plot set down inside of this Enchanted Mountain of Dzur,
> With Loiosh,
> And Sethra too,
> Vladimir and his wife,
> The Demon Goddess,
> Aliera and Morrolan,
> Here on Paarfi's world.
> Warlord