Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt

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>> Sethra Younger is not the bearer of any Great Weapon that I can
>> recall (she only had Hidden-Pathfinder for a few months or years,
>> way too short an amount of time to tell) 
>Err Doesn't she have Kieron's greatsword? Or am I on crack? Or is
>Kieron's greatsword not a great weapon? Or did Kieron come back and
>snatch it while I wasn't looking? Or.. 

Yeah, Sethra the Younger has Kieron's greatsword, but as best as I can
recall from _Taltos_, _Yendi_ & _Dragon_, Kieron's greatsword is not a
Great Weapon.  It might be a pretty good sword, heck, it might be a
*great* sword - but not a Great Weapon.

It's certainly never mentioned when Pathfinder, Blackwand, Iceflame &
Godslayer are mentioned (note also that it lacks a name).