Mario vs. Vlad+Teldra (spoilers for Issola)

Sat Mar 8 09:26:08 PST 2003

The subject was "Re: Vlad's role in upcoming books (Was: Concerning Great
Weapons &  Baritt (no POTD spoilers))", but that's just too cumbersome
for words.

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 10:45:35AM -0500, S Lumley / s piotto wrote:

> That's a pretty good slap in the face for the house of Jhereg. Sure, they'll
> throw wave after wave of assassins at  him, but after he kills about fifty
> of them, they're going to get tired of that and fork out the 50 million
> imperials it will cost to bring Mr. Greymist out of retirement. (Man oh man
> I cannot wait for THAT book. Sounds like the Last Contract to me...)

Mario Greymist vs. the Lady Teldra in the hand of Vlad Taltos.  Yep, that
could be a good story.

Or maybe not.

Mario has a great reputation, but as far as I can tell it's based
solely on one killing.  And those in the know (ie, those who've
read TPG) know that Mario had some help that made the job much
easier.  So it wouldn't surprise me a bit if Mario is overrated.
Let's recall that some of Vlads most lucrative work came because
Mario wasn't available (koff, koff).  It would not surprise me that
Mario only takes jobs that will enable him to retain his reputation,
sluffing off the more difficult work with various excuses.