Vlad's role in upcoming books (Was: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (no POTD spoilers))

Sat Mar 8 09:31:19 PST 2003

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 10:45, S Lumley / s piotto wrote:

> That's a pretty good slap in the face for the house of Jhereg. Sure, they'll
> throw wave after wave of assassins at  him, but after he kills about fifty
> of them, they're going to get tired of that and fork out the 50 million
> imperials it will cost to bring Mr. Greymist out of retirement. (Man oh man
> I cannot wait for THAT book. Sounds like the Last Contract to me...)

Pretty much all the Vlad books are from Vlad's point of view, so I would
consider _The Last Contract_ to be his last Contract, most likely one
where he dies as a result of fulfilling the contract[1].  And
considering its going to be the last novel, I figure the head he's after
is going to be a major one.  Possibly a Jenoine or the head Jenoine, but
most likely a God(dess).  Ever since I heard the title, my money's
actually been on Vlad being hired to take out Verra.

There are <= 17 people who can take out a God(dess), and Vlad's the only
one who has a weapon that not only can do it, but is so good at it its
named after the act.[2]

However, another option has just occured to me.  Vlad may be hired to
take out the Empresses.  However, we know Verilka doesn't die in office,
and I really don't see Vlad taking a contract on Norathar.  And there's
also the possibility of Sethra, but again, I just don't see Vlad taking
that contract.

[1] He and his victim killing each other, or having to kill in such a
way that he dies as well.

[2] I was going to say the only one designed to kill the God(desse)s,
however I believe at one point Sethra says they were all designed to
kill the God(desse)s.