Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt

Sat Mar 8 13:27:06 PST 2003

David Silberstein wondered aloud to the group:
 >Sethra Lavode has been undead only for a few thousand years or so

Do we know that for sure?

We know that she was Warlord a few thousand years ago and that the undead 
cannot hold Imperial office.  However, Sethra can conceal her undeadness, 
and so may have been undead all along.

(As an aside, since there were still Lavodes in tPG, about a thousand years 
ago, the "Lavode scandal" was probably not the discovery that Sethra was 

OTOH, I'm still in favor of the oread theory, which would allow her to be 
alive two and a half eons before becoming undead.

I wonder why Sethra became undead.  Probably a "we're not done with you yet 
missy, so don't think being dead gets you off the hook" thing with the gods.
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