Morganti Weapons (was: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt)

Mon Mar 10 14:01:20 PST 2003

> >How many of the damned things exist, anyway?  Did the Serioli ever
> >create any Morganti weapon proliferation treaties?

The S. reportedly built them to make war unpalatable and succeeded, so
I should think they've stopped production (plus having been cleansed
into legendary rarity makes it a problem).  Also note that the Jenoine
have access to them, though not to Dragaera, whatever that means.
Also note that the J. apparently don't have a knock-off of their own.

If you want to know, though, you just need to estimate the price (<< 5k
Imperials or whatever a Morganti job costs - Vlad supplied his own weapons
for these - or at least in _Jhereg_ - and they're easily available to
Kragar) and the demand (Vlad has had one or two of these jobs in the last
ten-or-so years and had one contracted against him) to estimate the supply
(guessing that 90% are in the hands of Adron's heir [pre-Aliera] and
Morrolan etc.)

> >How was a Great Weapon hidden inside a Morganti sword?  Does smelting
> >a Morganti weapon alter its properties?  When StY and Aliera fought at
> >the end of _Dragon_, and the Morganti sword exploded, wouldn't the
> >shrapnel have been positively hazardous?  If not, then does sundering
> >a Morganti weapon dissipate its noxious nature?

I'm reminded of the end of that excellent movie Time Bandits -
"Do be careful.  Don't lose any of that stuff.  That's concentrated evil.
One drop of that could turn you all into hermit crabs."

> And a final good question.
> You really need to stop asking those. ;-)

Yup - definite headspin danger.  Excellent use of the word "smelt" though.