Morganti Weapons (was: Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt)

Mon Mar 10 17:31:39 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-10 at 17:01, Philip Hart wrote:
> > >How many of the damned things exist, anyway?  Did the Serioli ever
> > >create any Morganti weapon proliferation treaties?
> The S. reportedly built them to make war unpalatable and succeeded, so
> I should think they've stopped production (plus having been cleansed
> into legendary rarity makes it a problem).  Also note that the Jenoine
> have access to them, though not to Dragaera, whatever that means.
> Also note that the J. apparently don't have a knock-off of their own.
> If you want to know, though, you just need to estimate the price (<< 5k
> Imperials or whatever a Morganti job costs - Vlad supplied his own weapons
> for these - or at least in _Jhereg_ 

You sure about that?  I'm AFB, but I seem to recall when Vlad was first
asked to do a Morganti job that the weapon was presented to him in a box
when he was given the job.  Although I don't remember if that was in _J_
or not.