Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Tue Mar 11 09:51:47 PST 2003

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> From: Andrew Lias [mailto:anrwlias at hotmail.com] 

> Oh, come now!  You write as though putting spoiler space in 
> is some major 
> sort of burden.

All that empty space is pretty heavy, maybe we should get a motorized
forklift for the list. :)

> I think that there is room here for people who want to 
> discuss the series 
> who, never the less, aren't able to run out and grab new 
> hardback editions 
> the moment they reach the shelves, and I think that moderate 
> use of spoilers 
> (since no one is suggesting spoiler protection for all the 
> books) is merely 

Well...it was suggested, but not seriously. :)

Overall, I'm in favor of moderate use of spoilers.  I don't think we
need to define a "rule", since by-and-large, the majority (possibly all)
of the list members have been excellent about applying spoiler space
when needed.

I also think that it wouldn't be too burdensome to continue to provide
spoiler space fo Orca & Issola, even though they've been released to
paperback.  Their plots would make spoilers especially annoying.

By all means, though, don't agree with me! What would we talk about if
we started agreeing? :)

Hmm. I should make that my sig.