Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD)

Tue Mar 11 17:15:23 PST 2003

Jag wrote:
> >   Only if its a GW.  I don't think normal MW's care at all about who holds
> >   them.  In fact I seem to recall one point where Vlad was holding a
> >   morganti blade and could feel that the blade would be just as happy to
> >   turn in his hand and cut him as it would be to cut Vlad's enemy.
> >
> > That sounds more like Vlad's febrile, paranoid imagination.
> Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to suck your
> soul.

If you want to be really paranoid, note the other group interested in
souls and ask yourself - what do the gods live on?