Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Gaertk at aol.com Gaertk at aol.com
Tue Mar 11 18:17:46 PST 2003

John Klein <zarkon at illrepute.org> writes:

> Based on my (admittedly limited) sample of messages on this 
> list, the traffic can be broken down into the following 
> categories:
> A) Discussions about non-Dragaera things. (spoiler space, 
> politics, history)
> B) Discussions about general topics. (Morganti, the method 
> in which Paarfi is accustomed to expressing his thoughts, 
> how to make Klava)
> C) Discussions of specific books.
> D) Bad jokes.

I've got a significant quibble with this list: the recent
Morganti discussion did in fact include quite a few spoilers,
including a minor one from the middle of _Taltos_, a big
honking one from the end of _Issola_, and even a big one from
_Brokedown Palace_.  Note that BP is currently out of print,
and that none of the other Dragaera books bother to mention
that it's part of the series, making it very likely that 
people new to Brust discussions will not have read it yet.