Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD)

Tue Mar 11 19:21:14 PST 2003

> And along those same lines, what exactly is it about taking the trip
> over the Falls that makes it seem like you'd want to do it.  We know
> that the soul only hangs around the body for three days (because after
> that revevification is useless), and we know from PotD that it can take
> months to get to the Paths, so what is served by bringing the body to
> the Paths?

Good question.  How about... The gods require before they will finish
"processing" the soul.  This functions as another sort of "fitness
test" -- you don't get to see the gods unless you left behind people
who cared enough about you to get your body to the Falls.

>  Also, did anyone else notice that almost no one else was
> going to the Paths to drop off bodys?  Even with such long lifespans,
> I'd imagine they'd see someone else headed towards the Paths during
> their journey, or at least someone headed back.

I don't have a problem with this.  Remember, only nobles get sent to 
the Falls (and probably only the highest status nobles, at that).  As
a percentage of the total population, I'm thinking the number is quite
small.  Also, the Empire is a big place; one would only expect to meet
any fellow-travelers when one was fairly near the common destination.
And this *is* during the Interregnum, when the roads aren't safe to 
travel.  Presumably a lot of families who would normally send relatives
to the Falls are unwilling to do so.


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