Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD)

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> > And along those same lines, what exactly is it about taking the trip
> > over the Falls that makes it seem like you'd want to do it.  We know
> > that the soul only hangs around the body for three days (because after
> > that revevification is useless), and we know from PotD that it can take
> > months to get to the Paths, so what is served by bringing the body to
> > the Paths?
I think revification was a very rare thing before the end of the Interegnum.
So the three days seems rather um useless in any case back then. People
would prepare the body (from rotting at a guess) and send it down the river
regardless of the timeframe, presumably just to drift with the water until
it got there and over the falls and presto, now this would make the most
sense if the soul hung around the body the whole time, but I suppose this
might be helpful to the soul as to going where it needs to, I think some
souls get lost outside of the paths themselves. Otherwise why not just burn
the bodies?! I seem to recall the pyrologist saying something about that
being 'bad' but neccesary with the plague victims....

> Good question.  How about... The gods require before they will finish
> "processing" the soul.  This functions as another sort of "fitness
> test" -- you don't get to see the gods unless you left behind people
> who cared enough about you to get your body to the Falls.
> >  Also, did anyone else notice that almost no one else was
> > going to the Paths to drop off bodys?  Even with such long lifespans,
> > I'd imagine they'd see someone else headed towards the Paths during
> > their journey, or at least someone headed back.
I think that people whom live closer to the falls would naturally make the
trip, and those who didn't would not.