Issola Spoilers vs. Orca Spoilers

Wed Mar 12 08:03:58 PST 2003

>"Getting music free" is not the same thing as buying a used book.
>The appropriate analogy for getting free music would be getting a
>free photocopy someone made from a book at one point.

Or taking a book that was marked for destruction.  If you ever see 
paperbacks with the covers torn off of them in a discount bin, please don't 
buy them.  The author did not receive any royalties from that copy.

>Downloading a book for free would be in most cases wrong --
>sometimes publishers have set up that sort of thing, and of
>course some are out of copyright.

When I bought _War of Honor_, I was very surprised that Baen had included a 
CD-ROM that not only had all the text of the previous Honor books, but a 
large unabridged selection of other books on their list.  Most surprising 
was the following statement on the disk:

"This disk and its contents may be copied and shared, but not sold."

Apparently, Baen has taken a rather agressive policy of making many of their 
older titles free to the public.  I don't know how that will ultimately work 
out for them, but I certainly like the idea.

I especially approve of the concept of including digital copies of previous 
books in a series with the latest installment.  I know how frustrating it 
can be for someone to try and track down all of a series' prior installments 
upon having discovered one that they're interested in.  I think that this 
would make it much easier for new readers to join into continuing works.

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