Wed Mar 12 11:49:01 PST 2003

On 12 Mar 2003, Jag wrote:
@> > > This also jibes with the Serioli calling Vlad "of the Old People" or
@> > > "People from the small invisible lights".
@> > 
@> > I should modify my original question . I have read Issola but even 
@> > before it was published there was such speculation. Are there 
@> > references in earlier books?
@> Yes, but I don't think it was as clear as what was in _Issola_.  I don't
@> remember exactly where it was mentioned, but I think the scene where
@> Vlad finds out about Dolivar and has the discussion with Aliera on
@> genetics probablly has something in there about it.  I don't remember
@> what book that was in, but I want to say _Yendi_ for some reason.

There's a scene in Phoenix where Verra tells Vlad that the ideas of the
revolutionaries come from writings that have been in vaults since those
who originally discovered the world arrived. She specifically says that
she is not talking about the Jenoine. Given that said revolutionaries seem
to be working from examples in our own culture...