Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD)

Wed Mar 12 14:43:18 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 17:38, lazarus wrote:
> On 12 Mar 2003 10:56:37 -0500, you wrote:
> >On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 22:29, Ryan wrote:
> >> >Great Weapons can hold souls locally, much as the gods hold souls
> >> >in the Paths.  Both GWs and the gods can release the soul for use
> >> >in a body.  This explains what has happened with Lady Teldra, and
> >> >it explains how Aliera was preserved by Pathfinder.  It might also
> >> >explain how Alieras soul was placed into the staff.
> >> 
> >> I was always partial to the thought that Morganti weapons drew their
> >> power from the souls they had consumed, I'd think GWs work similarly,
> >> those just a theory.
> >
> >Its an attractive theory, but there's a major problem with it.  All the
> >MW's were made by Serioli.  And the Serioli have stopped making them as
> >far as I know.  If nothing else, no one knows where to find Serioli to
> >get more MW's from them.  So, if MWs feed off of souls, then 1) someone
> >would have to lose their soul just for a MW to be made, 2) MWs would
> >have to destroy souls regularly, thus rapidly reducing the total number
> >of souls, or rapidly reducing the number of MWs.
> >
> >As for 2, we don't really see evidence of either.  If the total number
> >of souls was decreasing, I expect the Gods would step in and do
> >something.  And considering how many of the weapons people like Morrolan
> >collects, I somehow doubt the number of MWs is decreasing either.
> >
> Both of these arguments assume that MWs require regular feeding.  What
> if they don't?  Their power could still be related to how many souls
> they had "fed on".

That idea I'll agree with.  The original wording made me think it was
feed on in such away that if they didn't feed they wouldn't work.