more comments on tPotD (tPotD spoilers)

Thu Mar 13 19:25:22 PST 2003

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> >Philip Hart wrote:
> >> Good points - counterpoints are a) Sethra was a bit distracted at the
> >> time, and there were currents of Elder sorcery zapping around and
> >> complicating matters; and b) I suspect Sethra can put her hands on
> >> a few people who were at Skinter's conference and extract a good image.
> >> For that matter (AFB) isn't Skinter from the Northwest where Sethra's
> >> from, in which case she might well know already?  And for that matter,
> >> couldn't Zerika just grab an image of wherever Skinter is from the Orb?
> >> For that matter, Sethra could just teleport a vial of mustard gas there
> >> if she's worried about having a soldier arrive inside out.  I suspect
> >> SKZB can come up with many more colorful methods for Sethra than I
> have...
> >So, basically, Skinter's number has come up, he just doesn't know it yet.

> Who's to say his number has to be up?  Maybe he could be rallied and
> given a nice job in the empire?  Granted I can see where it's not likely
> but it I'd take a job offer over going to war with someone who just
> showed up with the orb.

Because I like to take bets I cannot win: I'll bet anyone $10 that Skinters
Number is not up.

I do not believe that Skinters Number is up, He is a Dragonlord that
believes he should be the Emperor though that is not how it started, at
first he was just gathering territory, now I think that if he is smart (or
rather if his cousin is smart) he will align himself with the new Empress in
hopes that he *would become the next Warlord having proved his ability as
such without even the empire. It is an improvision from the paln, but if I
were in his shoes it would seem a rather good one. Since being Warlord was
what I though to be the highest office a non-heir could hope to hold this
seems fitting that Pel is there as well, at least I don't think Skinter
would given the circumstances fight the Old/New/Orbed Empire conciously but
I do think it is possible that he will attempt to destroy Sethra, and
certainly fail.

It's all speculation, and I don't care if I'm wrong, that's what makes it