1st Occasional Boston-Area Brustian Dinner details

Rick Castello rick at 404.978.org
Thu Mar 13 20:27:16 PST 2003

     Info for the "1st Occasional Boston-Area Brustian Dinner"

     Reservations have been made under the name Steven Brust
     (hope you don't mind, Boss) for 10 people.

     I will revise this number upward if need be, as we have
     a bit of time still before the dinner.

     Please email me at rick at 404.978.org to RSVP, and mention
     how many you're RSVPing for.  (Sorry, familiars not served
     at this joint, not even as a side dish, so please leave
     'em at home.)

     Saturday, April 26th, 8pm
     Midwest Grill
     Authentic Brazilian BBQ
     1124 Cambridge Street
     Cambridge, MA

     Public transport:
     Take the T to the Lechmere station, then take Bus 69
     to Cambridge St. (ask the driver for the stop).

     Personal conveyance:
     Free parking after 5pm at the Shell station 1
     block from the restaurant.

     You damn well better know how to get there already,
     or you're going to be mighty uncomfortable when you
     arrive, if you make it at all!

     If you can read this (or have it read to you) you're

     Steve, if you can make it, I'll arm wrestle everyone
     else to buy you your dinner and drinks.