Translated Brust

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 14 10:17:29 PST 2003

Okay, here's some of the info on this translated
Brust book I've got:

Title: Jhereg
Author: Steven Brust (duh:)
ISBN:	80-86354-23-7

Opening of the prolog: (Warning, I don't know how to make all the
little accents and other stuff; I can only do the letters.:)

Ve svete jemne metafory existuje podobnost mezi
dotykem mraziveho vanku a ostrim noze na vasem
tylu.  Dokazal bych si vyvolat vzpominku na oba pocity.
Ty na mrazivy vanek jsou ale prijemnejsi.  Napriklad...

Anyone?  I can't remember what I was told it was (my bad, but
I was a WEE out of it at the time; kinda in another world.:)

It's got a pretty cool cover, though.  Nice to know Steve has good
cover artists overseas as well as in the States.


"You're waiting for your dark knight
on his white horse.  I'm waiting for 
his sister in a cherry red porche."
  - Steven Brust - "Brother and Sister"