Translated Brust

Fri Mar 14 11:19:35 PST 2003

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:
> Ve svete jemne metafory existuje podobnost mezi
> dotykem mraziveho vanku a ostrim noze na vasem
> tylu.  Dokazal bych si vyvolat vzpominku na oba pocity.
> Ty na mrazivy vanek jsou ale prijemnejsi.  Napriklad...
> Anyone?  I can't remember what I was told it was (my bad, but
> I was a WEE out of it at the time; kinda in another world.:)

Sounds a lot like Bulgarian to me, but I could be wrong.  *shrug*  I only
know a few words in it anyway.


"Call her life unnatural, feel her undead breath.
Color her black for sorcery, color her gray for death."
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