Art of Zelazny's Amber

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Sat Mar 15 12:23:53 PST 2003

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Subject: OT: Art of Zelazny's Amber

> It's the royal family, to be precise.  I think I've identified most of
> them, but I haven't read the books in a while.  Perhaps it's time for
> a re-read...
>    http://www.donatoart.com/ambercourt2.html
> Just in case anyone is interested.

thanks. i always love to see stuff like this.
and, clockwise from lower left:  florimel, eric, julian, oberon, fiona,
corwin, deirdre, gerard, random, caine, and benedict.

interesting, but i have trouble with fiona in that pose and outfit, and
where's brand?  behind the easel, perhaps?