Sat Mar 15 01:35:37 PST 2003

OK, I went and found the exact reference to Zungaron.  It's on
page 41 of the hard cover of _Issola_.  In my judgment, this doesn't 
really constitute any sort of spoilers, but I'll put in a little 
space just in case there's someone whose judgement doesn't accord
with mine.

This is Vlad speaking with Sethra Lavode.

"I nodded. 'The Great Weapons were created to destroy the gods, but
now they're being used to defend the gods.  Cute.'
'Yes.  We who carry the Great Weapons are the appointed of the
gods -- even those of us who, like Zungaron --'
'Never mind.  Even those of us who have one only by accident and have
not the least clue what it is for, or what to do with it.  If we
defy the gods, by intention or accident, we are likely to find life 
difficult.  And yet, we are the only humans whom the gods have
reason to fear, and to hate.'"

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