If *anyone* cares . . .

Sat Mar 15 13:02:15 PST 2003

>Mia McDavid wrote:
>With the volume of mail I have to click through; I won't page down to get 
>past the spoiler space on a book list.  So, I'm basically not reading much 
>of anything on Dragaera right now . . .

Ahh, Mia :) *smiles and waves*

Not that anyone cares either, but I'm right with you.

Except I've been studying for midterms *yuck!*, and with the volume of mail 
there's just no way to get through it all. So I too, am basically not 
reading much of anything on Dragaera right now either.

My last mid-terms Tuesday, will go through and/or delete all the old 
messages then, and start anew.


Holly @>-,'----
*waves at everyone and then sticks her nose right back into her case book 
before her SO walks in and finds out she's playing on the internet instead 
of studying*

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