another few comments on _tPotD_

Sun Mar 16 19:53:00 PST 2003

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Mar 2003, Philip Hart wrote:
> >Top of page 259 - Sethra is talking about what the Jenoine will do
> >when the Orb returns.  She says however "when the Orb is gone" -
> >further stating that certain illusions will go with it.
> Is she perhaps implying that the Gods are in fact *using* the Orb to
> maintain those illusions?  Perhaps the transfer-of-control from Gods
> to Zerika will disrupt that usage?

I like this idea, though on the other hand do the Gods really need the Orb
themselves?  I.e., could they have not made an extra one?  Perhaps because
of a lack of trellanstone, though one wonders why tDG didn't grab the
Jenoine's hunk in _Issola_ if so.

> Hmm.  Pehaps I should be using the singular rather than the plural;
> and it's only that Serioli-God who is using the Orb.  Which might also
> explain why sorcery improves so greatly; he's the Divine equivalent of
> a sorcerous kernel hacker, and Verra doesn't know about all the little
> tweaks and improvements he made to the code.

The upgrade is discussed openly.  I prefer to imagine that gods inspired
Zerika I to put in MSian performance barriers to keep humans from
acquiring too much sorcerous power before they learned to use it wisely.

> I'm pretty sure it's stated somewhere that Kieron entered that Paths
> alive.

Hmm, I'll take that under advisement.  I thought somewhere it's said
(I'd guess _Jhereg_, when Aliera's letting Vlad pump her) that the strain
of trying to get the other Houses to accept the Jhereg was what got
Kieron killed.

> >Bottom of page 349 - StY expresses a wish to learn a great deal from
> >The Necromancer, whom she has just named.  I wonder if she does so...
> >
> My notion is that the Necromancer performs that first revivification,
> or Sethra-t-Y does so with the aid of the Necromancer, and thus
> introduces that process into the current sorcerous toolkit.

Do we know there were no pre-Interregnum resurrection?  Ah yes, _Phoenix_,
Lesson 8, tDG talking to Vlad about the upgraded skills of sorcerers.
Does tN use the Orb?  Does StY actually do any magic that we've seen?

> >Bottom of page 392 - "Zerika the Fourth".  Maybe we knew her title
> >already, but I was surprised.  It takes some chutzpah to name one's
> >child after the cofounder of the empire...
> >
> ...
> Many Hispanic Christians are named "Jesus", but I suppose that's the
> example that you were thinking of - most non-Hispanic christians would
> consider naming a child "Jesus" to be arrogant, or so I assume from
> the dearth of occurences of that name among non-Hispanics.  But
> neglecting that one, consider the commoness of "Peter", "Paul",
> "Mary", "Joseph", etc.

Wasn't thinking this at all - I'm a knee-jerk atheist for one thing,
and multicultural for an American for another.  I was more thinking
that we haven't heard about Kieron XI, and that Phoenix emporers have
had a bad track record...

> And finally:  You're named after an ancient Macedonean king, and I'm
> named after an ancient Hebrew king.  You think our parents were being
> arrogant?  Sometimes a name is just a name...

I was named after an uncle and some friend of my parents and a Nobel
laureate my dad worked for.  Also note that "Christian" names are less
significant in certain ways than family names.  As far as I know "Zerika"
is Zerika's entire name.  If I met an Al I wouldn't blink, but if I met
an Al Einstein I would...