1st Occasional SF Bay Area Brustian Gathering

ambyrglow at softhome.net ambyrglow at softhome.net
Mon Mar 17 10:47:46 PST 2003

Philip Hart said:
>> It's easy to get to La Dolce Vita on California St in Palo Alto - 50
>> meters from Caltrain, easy parking for those driving (on the street or
>> behind the building) just off El Camino.  Nothing as exciting as >tapioca
>> tea there though.  They do serve good sandwiches/soup, and there's >a 
>> nice
>> cheap dim sum place next door.  Perhaps 5:30-7?  The truth is I'm >not
>> clear on how long such an event runs or really what the rational >behind
>> them is, except as an excuse to dress in gray and black.
I'd prefer a lunchish time (noon?  one?) if that works for other people on  
Wednesday.  If by tapioca tea you mean what I think you mean, the Black  
Pearl place a block or so away from La Dolce Vita serves that. . .