1st Occasional SF Bay Area Brustian Gathering

circadian rhyme rone at ennui.org
Mon Mar 17 13:48:26 PST 2003

Nytemuse writes:
  On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 ambyrglow at softhome.net wrote:
  > >> It's easy to get to La Dolce Vita on California St in Palo Alto - 50
  > I'd prefer a lunchish time (noon?  one?) if that works for other people on 
  Not quite the best for me, but doable after 1:30...I have to lightrail
  back from downtown San Jose at noon.  

I'll be working in SF on Wednesday, so that's not good for me, but
don't let it stop the rest of you.

"Alan Alda's all we are."
	- Kurt Cobain