Southern California Brustian Meeting

Tue Mar 18 10:49:38 PST 2003

>lazarus wrote:
>Aye, Old Town is fine.  LA is fine, as well.  If we do LA, we could do

Okay, if we do Los Angeles I think we can go to the Hungarian Restaurant. 
They do not have a website so I will copy their menu in a forthcoming 
e-mail. The owner said to allow him to wake up before he can fax a copy to 

If not this place then my next suggestion (and maybe my best 
suggestion)would be the "Bourgeois Pig" in Los Angeles.

This place is extremely cool and off beat. I think we could all have a very 
fun time here. I also think the staff wouldn't find it too odd that we are 
getting together for a "fantasy party" to discuss Mr. Brusts works. I highly 
suggest you all check out the links below:





My next suggestion, though not nearly as cool would be to go to the House of 
Blues and watch Dave Matthews Band. I am not a huge fan of Dave Matthews 
Band, but it is still a fun suggestion nonetheless.

Let me all know what you think.


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