another few comments on _tPotD_

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 18 12:46:35 PST 2003

> But in the events leading up to the first Dragon-Jhereg war, about
> 10,000 years before the Interregnum, the Dragons
> "... got the head of their messenger returned to them in a basket.
> The insult, reasoned the Jhereg, wasn't *that* great. After all, they
> hadn't destroyed the poor fellow's brain, or done anything else to make
> him unrevivifiable. They were just sending the Dragons a message."
> [Jrg73]

Hey, maybe he just got it a bit wrong, and the Jhereg actualy
sent the head, with the spinal cord still attached, back in a basket!  
Then he'd have been revivifiable.  Wouldn't be the first time 
Vlad was a litte off in his knowledge of history.

And isn't that a much more disgusting image?  (The head and the
spinal cord, I mean.:)


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