Southern California Brustian Meeting

Tue Mar 18 14:10:58 PST 2003

>James Griffin wrote:
>Are we agreed on date and approx. time?

Unless anyone has any objections, I think that we have agreed on March 29th. 
The time is still undetermined, as are now the places. In my opinion we 
should meet around 2:00 p.m. if we plan for a late lunch or 6:00 p.m. if we 
plan for an early dinner. Let us come to a consensus on the options:

Here are the options thus far:


March 29, 2003

Old Town San Diego

El Fandango Restaurant


With hanging around Old Town together as optional.



March 29, 2003

Csadras Hungarian Restaurant
5820 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, California
(323) 962-6434

With hanging out at the Bourgeois-Pig for desert optional.

(this is their own web-site)

(this is a color panorama of the inside of the coffee house)

(this is a review of the bourgeois-pig)


Since Csadras does not have a website, I have asked them to fax me their 
menu, I hereby submit it for your review (Note I have removed the accents as 
they would take too long to type in. I have also corrected some of the 
spelling. The further notice that they are reasonably priced and no single 
plate is over $20):


Main Course/Foetelek

1. Veal goulash
tender and juicy meat pieces served with homemade dumplings comes with 
goulash gravy and choice of salad

2. Pork goulash
delicious pork chunks made with gravy and served with crisp potatoes and 
comes with a choice of salad

3. Wiener snitzel
breaded veal cutlet served with crisp potatoes and hot red cabbage

4. Breaded pork steak
served with crisp potatoes and hot red cabbage

5. Stuffed cabbage
cabbage leaved stuffed with ground pork and served with boiled potatoes and 
sour cream

6. Saurbraten
tender beef slices comes with bread dumplings and veggie sauce

7. Chicken paprikash
chicken leg and breast pieces cooked in paprikash gravy served with handmade 
dumplings and choice of salad

8. Roast pork
juicy slices of pork with crisp potatoes and hot red cabbege

9. Breaded chicken liver
served with crisp potatoes and choice of salad

10. Breaded veal liver
comes with crisp potatoes and choice of salad

11. Breaded mushrooms
with rice and homemade tartar sauce

12. Roast duck
oven baked and crisp fried duck with potatoes and red cabbege

13. Grilled salmon
serve with vegetables and sauteed mushrooms

14. Ovari style pork chops
grilled pork chops topped with mushrooms, ham, cheese and malted together, 
served with french fries or rice and a choice of salad

15. Brassoi apropecsenye
sauteed pork pieces cooked with garlic and traditional spices served on 
french frieds and comes with a choice of salad

16. Boiled beef
tender beef served with boiled veggies and horseradish

17. Stuffed green peppers
stuffed with ground pork and rice cooked with tomato sauce

18. Csardas wooden platter -- served for two
our mixed plate of grilled and fried meat pieces (duck, veal, chicken, pork) 
served on crisp potatoes, rica and hot red cabbage

[They also have wines and beers, but I do not see any brandies]


E-mail me and the Dragaera board with your ideas.


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