Impeach George W. Bush

Thu Mar 20 17:56:44 PST 2003

Our anonymous "Warlord" wrote...

> They weren't snide. They were bitterly defeatist, in a dark humor based
> on real world experiences at being caught between extreme factions.

Appartently your definition of snide is different then the one in my
dictionary. Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary has it defined as:
derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner. To refresh your memory, you

> > > "You are receiving this because you requested"
> > > "RE: the information you requested"
> > > "Dave said you'd want to see this"
> > > "Your name was submitted as being interested in"
> > > "To be removed, just click here"
> > > "This is a one time mailing"
> > >
> > > Add accident to the list.

This, by all appearances, is a list of lies you see in emails. By adding
Mia's explanation to this list you insinuated that she also lied.

> I disagree with your implication that this list is no longer friendly.

I'm sorry if I did not make myself clear. I was saying that I found your
comments unfriendly, not the list in general, and not you personally. I
don't want to get into some back and forth argument with you, and I'm sure
few of our list mates want that either. So, if it must continue let us meet
by the Foaming Pool outside the Gate of the Flags at dawn tomorrow.
I bid you a good day.