Impeach George W. Bush

Thu Mar 20 22:02:54 PST 2003

At 17:56 3/20/2003 -0800, Brad Crawford wrote:
>Our anonymous "Warlord" wrote...

I'm not anonymous, just generic. :)

> > They weren't snide. They were bitterly defeatist, in a dark humor based
> > on real world experiences at being caught between extreme factions.
>Appartently your definition of snide is different then the one in my
>dictionary. Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary has it defined as:
>derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner. To refresh your memory, you

I'll allow that I should have added, <wry>

> > > > "You are receiving this because you requested"
> > > > "RE: the information you requested"
> > > > "Dave said you'd want to see this"
> > > > "Your name was submitted as being interested in"
> > > > "To be removed, just click here"
> > > > "This is a one time mailing"
> > > >
> > > > Add accident to the list.

Any of the above has a definite possibility of being true.
Skepticism does not equate to outright dismissal.   -------->   <wry>

>This, by all appearances, is a list of lies you see in emails. By adding
>Mia's explanation to this list you insinuated that she also lied.

Look, my sarcasm got out of hand. *shrug* It happens.  I beg forgiveness
and throw myself on the mercy of the Orb.  ( Hey! that tickles. nice color 
though )
For the record, as I believe that I stated before, I'm of the opinion that
it was an honest mistake.  I have made the same error.

> > I disagree with your implication that this list is no longer friendly.
>I'm sorry if I did not make myself clear. I was saying that I found your
>comments unfriendly, not the list in general, and not you personally. I
>don't want to get into some back and forth argument with you, and I'm sure
>few of our list mates want that either.


>So, if it must continue let us meet
>by the Foaming Pool outside the Gate of the Flags at dawn tomorrow.

You can always send your seconds around for some pre-dawn

>I bid you a good day.

An excellent wish to take to heart, and I throw the same sentiments back to you
in hopes they will be received with the gratitude in which they are meant.


Clip-clop..clip-clop............Clip-clop...  ( an Amish drive-by shunning )