drink (was Re: Klava Recipies)

Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Fri Mar 21 07:11:40 PST 2003

Jot Powers wrote:
> Back in the good old college days we bought a Belgian beer to
> try at a party that was 12.5% a.b.v.  It was...how can I say
> this...um...horrific.

"A" Belgian beer?

Any idea _which_ Belgian beer?

Belgium is the beer Mecca, to which all true beer-lovers must make
pilgramage once in their lives.  If they're lucky. :-)

Did you know that in WWI, Germany conquered Belgium one brewery at a time?
I saw a picture once of a bunch of German soldiers outside one such
brewery, all with bottles in their hands and looking quite inebriated.

(Move forward to brewery, "liberate" brewery, stop, drink until all stocks
are gone, move forward to next brewery.  Lather, rinse, repeat. :-)
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