drink (was Re: Klava Recipies)

Fri Mar 21 07:57:06 PST 2003

On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 07:11:40AM -0800, Frank Mayhar wrote:
> Jot Powers wrote:
> > Back in the good old college days we bought a Belgian beer to
> > try at a party that was 12.5% a.b.v.  It was...how can I say
> > this...um...horrific.
> "A" Belgian beer?
> Any idea _which_ Belgian beer?

Nope.  The frightening thing was this was drunk _after_
several other beers.  This sort of behaviour rarely makes
you think the later drink is worse than it really is.

> Belgium is the beer Mecca, to which all true beer-lovers must make
> pilgramage once in their lives.  If they're lucky. :-)

I know, and I've been back to the Belgian beer well a few times and
haven't been happy.  This is odd, because of the people I know, I'm
the closest thing around to a beer connoissuer (sp). [1]

I suppose I will have to try again.


[1] This is largely out of self preservation.  The people I know
that could be better beer snobs than I, have migrated largely
to single-malt.  I have so far avoided it, because I know once
I start, it can't be good for the wallet.  I have become a
moderate wine snob, but this his held in check by the fact
that my wife is too, and can't really drink while pregnant, 
thus limiting me politically.  :)
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