Fri Mar 21 13:25:59 PST 2003

I recently was purchasing the Liavek series at various used bookstores
(or trying to) and ended up with an extra copy of the second book
"Liavek: The Players of Luck". I'd be happy to send this to someone who
currently doesn't have a copy of the book for the cost of shipping
(ideally I'd prefer to use paypal for the shipping reimbursement).

If you're not familiar with the series, it's a series of short story
collections, all taking place in the city "Liavek".  A useful page is:
http://home-1.worldonline.nl/~wjtimmer/Robinhobbliavek.htm: Contains
images of the books, and some sketchy information about what short
stories and authors appear in each book.

Does anyone have an extra copy of the fourth book of the series "Liavek:
Spells of Binding"?  I've not been able to find it anywhere except on
amazon shops, and there only for prices I'm not comfortable with. :)