Impeach George W. Bush (and some stuff on Athyra)

Fri Mar 21 14:25:58 PST 2003

At 02:18 AM 3/21/2003 -0500, Claire Rojstaczer wrote:

>On a more on-topic note, not that we're ever on topic here, I was 
>rereading Athyra the other day and noted a passage where Savn asks Vlad if 
>Vlad has ever been in the army and Vlad says simply, "No" (sorry, no page 
>numbers, don't have the book with me at the moment). This, fairly 
>obviously, contradicts Dragon.  Vlad could have been lying -- he certainly 
>lies to Savn about enough other stuff -- but why lie about that?  What 
>motives does Vlad have for keeping his (somewhat less than shining) 
>military career a secret?

That one's easy enough.  He was lying simply because he didn't want to talk 
about it.