Vlad's choice of terms

Mon Mar 24 15:46:07 PST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Jim Laubacker wrote:

> I just finished Issola, which I enjoyed greatly.  However, one word near
> the end caught my attention - Vlad said 'Okay'.  I know this is just a
> translation of what Vlad said in Dragaeran, translated into Easterner,
> then translated into English.  However, Vlad would never say 'okay'.
> Would it be possible for the translator to choose a different term in
> the future?

I'm surprised you noticed this particular four-letter-word (when other
such are conspicuously absent from the Vladiad) and not "hissy-cow", which
struck me as likely coming from one of those
computer-translation-of-English-to-Russian-to-Albanian-to-English chains -
I think it's right that a translated narrated text have these sorts of
"problems" on occasion - compare Vlad occasionally quoting Morrolan as
saying something like "It mislikes me" and sometimes saying "That bites"
- well, not the latter, but anyway speaking colloquially.