_tPG_ Chapter 3 - a retraction and two comments

Wed Mar 26 12:02:30 PST 2003

I reread Chapter 3 of _The Phoenix Guards_ last night and noticed a few

Firstly, I have to retract my assertion (made in a discussion of
the use of the name Zerika in the Phoenix line) that Kieron's name hasn't
been recycled - in this Text there is a reference to Kieron the Younger.

Secondly, there is a reference to "the Jhegaala army", in which Captain
Gaeraeth fought.  I wonder if this means an army of Jhegaala or an army of
Dragonlords under the Jhegaala emperor.

Thirdly, as someone on the left side of the height spectrum, I noticed
Pel's discussion with his tailor about the length of his cape or half-
cape.  I've been told by a designer friend and a fashion-displaying ex
that I should avoid long coats, and I thus think Pel's seeking a
knee-length instead of thigh-length cape is counterproductive.  As we've
seen from Aliera's floating, height gives status (or anyway the
Easterner-size side of the spectrum is not fetching.)  And presumably the
optical effects haven't changed. Perhaps Paarfi is tall or unfashionable
(or was at the time - he was after all an academic before getting the
recent Rushdie treatment [oddly missing the fatwa period]) and got
confused about the sign of the alteration Pel sought.