Paths of the Dead query

Thu May 15 09:55:33 PDT 2003

At 02:17 PM 5/15/2003 +0100, Fides wrote:
>No it is just a confusion between Paths of the Dead (the most recently 
>published of the Khaavren Romances) and Taltos and the Paths of the Dead 
>(with the 'Taltos and the' is small letters and 'Paths of the Dead' in big 
>letters) which is the book with Taltos and Morrolan going through the 
>Paths. I believe it if more often refered to as Taltos although until I 
>joined this group and PoTD came out I knew it as Paths of the Dead. They 
>are different books but with confusingly similar names.

The book was called _Taltos_ when I wrote it.  It was still called _Taltos_ 
when Ace published it. Pan bought rights for a British edition and, for 
reasons best known to themselves, re-titled it _Taltos and the Paths of the 
Dead_ and put a Hitler Youth on the cover.  If they'd asked me, I'd have 
suggested that this was a poor idea.