it is time to talk cook book

Tue May 20 23:07:17 PDT 2003

> >And since we're on the topic of Dragaeran food..... Mr. Brust, if
> >there is a place on earth that is even *remotely* like Valabar's,
> >please, PLEASE let us know where it is. I'm begging. Really -- I'm on
> >my knees begging. (It's shameful, true -- but I love good food.)

There is a place here in Phoenix that I think of every time I think
of Valabar's.  It doesn't have the transparent waiters, and they
serve Mexican, but it's a family business, the informal drink ordering
and waiting just seems right.

If you ever get a chance, Los Dos Molinos (2 locations, one on Central
looks better).  Be warned, it is spicy.  

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