it is time to talk cook book,

Sun May 18 13:01:33 PDT 2003

>From: Mark A Mandel <mam at theworld.com>
>To: wuffa at novaroma.org
>CC: dragaera at dragaera.info
>Subject: Re: it is time to talk cook book,
>>On Sun, 18 May 2003, william wheeler wrote:
>#It is time to talk cook book,I am reading PoTD( great book)
>#and each time I read a cook about dragaera and they have food in them that
>#each time I read about i have to go cook it! and i do not have the recipes
>	[...]
>#***I WANT A dragaera cook book **************8
>Good! Are you volunteering to be the editor?
>-- Mark A. Mandel
>    http://world.std.com/~mam/Cracks-and-Shards/
>    a Steven Brust Dragaera fan website

Yes I would happy to be the Editor ,as long as
#1 it is ok with S.Z.Brust
#2 I get help from you all.
#3 if it is put to pruss i get my costs back, ( i do cook a lot and have 
lots of people to test etc..but am low income)

( cool this will be my 8th reread but thisx time i take notes)


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