Assassinations at Valabar's

Thu May 22 02:02:31 PDT 2003

>Which means that Vlad might be a rules-breaker once more, the first guy
>whom the Jhereg attempt to assassinate inside Valabar's....
>Thomas Crain

Yesterday I finished reading Issola and there was something that I didn't 
manage to understand then, but that maybe now takes sense: Issola finishes 
with Vlad in front of Valabar's saying "there were no assassins waiting to 
kill me, at least yet".

I remember that in Yendi one of the clues which makes Vlad start to wonder 
if its opponent (I don't remeber its name) actually doesn't try to kill him 
is that in the last kill attempt the assassins didn't try to kill him inside 
the restaurant but in the door, where he can move freely. Later he argues, 
with kraagar or Cawti (I read Yendi several years ago, sorry), trhat it is 
stupid and no competent assassin would do like this. So, why Vlad thinks 
that the Jheregh's assassins, who there's no doubt that wants him dead, will 
not strike him inside but that they will wait him outside?

If these non-written rule about Valabar's safety does exists, Vlad thought 
and conduct will take sense in two ways: (i) they will wait him to respect 
the rule and (ii) Vlad choices Valabar's because, althought he doesn't worry 
now about the Jhereg, he wants the best meal: if in the middle of it appears 
an army of assassins he won't enjoy it, doesn't he?


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