Elric (was Lord of Castle Black is up at Amazon)

Sun May 25 12:01:30 PDT 2003

At 09:45 AM 5/25/2003 -0500, Ryan wrote:
>Ok this has me thinking so I'll ask.
>Steve have you ever read any of the Elric novels and if so did any of
>that have any influence on how Morrolan was developed?  I don't have any
>Elric books remaining but I've always thought of stormbringer anytime
>great weapons were mentioned.
>Anyone else had these thoughts or am I just in need of more sleep?

Okay, I thought it was kind of obvious.  Just in case it isn't: yes, 
Moorcock's Elric books are huge influence.


You can think of the Vlad books this way:
A world created in honor of Fritz Leiber
Fantasy tropes created in honor of Michael Moorcock
A narrative style in honor of Dashiel Hammet
A general aesthetic in honor of Roger Zelazny