Elric (was Lord of Castle Black is up at Amazon)

Sun May 25 12:58:31 PDT 2003

Steve said:

> Hmmm.
> You can think of the Vlad books this way:
> A world created in honor of Fritz Leiber
> Fantasy tropes created in honor of Michael Moorcock
> A narrative style in honor of Dashiel Hammet
> A general aesthetic in honor of Roger Zelazny

Which explains why I groove on them so much - though I am not familiar with
the works of Hammet, my top ten list of favourite fantasy writes goes -
Zelazny, Moorcock (just read his new one - Dreamthief's Daughter - quite
good - love the background on Oona) and Leiber (the other 7 are irrelevant
to this list).

Gonna go check out some Dashiel Hammet now...