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Mon Jun 2 17:48:53 PDT 2003

On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 08:33 PM, Gaertk at aol.com wrote:

> Ike Porter <ikep at umbc.edu> writes:
>> Something I've always wanted to see was a site where people
>> could advise other readers when to stop reading a series.
>> There are some books out there that are really good, but
>> maybe don't get read because they morph into drek
>> *coughRAMAcough*. Maybe I'll start working on that in my
>> CST*.
> Many times there are warning signs, though most readers are
> optimists and so don't heed them:
> 1) Sequel written by or co-written with someone else (Rama,
> Foundation).
or a series "Presented By..."

> 2) Time since previous books is at least a decade longer than
> previous gaps (Foundation).
Dune was guilty of this as well. As was The Black Company, iirc.

> 3) Nothing happened in previous book[s] (Wheel of Time).
Say it, brother!
> 4) In the last book, the insanely powerful protaganist was
> still whining about not being able to do anything (Dune).
> (Sorry, couldn't think of anything better for Dune.)
Wheel of Time was good for this as well, as well Incarnation of 
Immortality by Piers Anthony.

> 5) Author keeps writing the same book over and over (Xanth,
> Valdemar).
Black Company, Shannara

Also "When The Author Doesn't Know When To Stop"
Piers Anthony is a good example of this, as is Mercedes Lackey
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