Athyra and Dragon

Tue Jun 3 01:01:27 PDT 2003


I want to ask you two questions about Athyra, but I am still reading it, so 
I beg you that if you cannot answer it without spoil the book remain silent.

In page 82 of The Book Of Athyra Vlad says something that have puzzled me. 
When Savn says that he should like be in the army, Vlad answers "I wouldn't 
know, myself. I've never been in the army".

Well, If I'm not wrong Vald has been in the Morrolan's army in Dragon, 
hasn't he?

I guess that you have discussed it before but I haven't found it in the 
archives of Dragaera homepage, so anyone can give me a short explanation?

Finally, in page 95 Savn asks himself "Why aren't I afraid? Excuse me for my 
poor english but I do not remember reading this grammatic construction 
before: what's its purpose? there is any kind of enphasis or stress which I 
do not catch?



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