series advice, was RE: Wear Brust on your Chest

Tue Jun 3 07:44:35 PDT 2003

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Iain E. Davis wrote:

:Subject: RE: series advice, was RE: Wear Brust on your Chest

:> One author who _did_ write the same book over and over (and 
:> over and over and over ...) was Jack Chalker.  I stopped 
:> reading him in the mid-80's when I could no longer ignore the 
:> fact that every book was the same, down to the characters and 
:> details of the plot.  The man seemed to have a thing for 
:> male- female transformations, too.
:You too? I really liked some of his books initially, and then it all got so
:old.  I think mostly I was really taken with the basic ideas of the Well
:World books, but tired of the actual stories pretty quickly. :).
:And he had a thing for transformation, in general, it seemed like.  This
:that or the other being transformed in to this other that or the other. :)

He particularly had a think for what happens to gender identity when you
mix and match body parts.

If you stopped reading him with Well World, you probably missed his best
work to date (imho), the Wonderland Gambit books:

The Cybernetic Walrus
The March Hare Network
The Hot-Wired Dodo

Very "different" in feel for him.

Of course, almost everything he's done since then has been crap, but ymmv.

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