series advice, was RE: Wear Brust on your Chest

Tue Jun 3 06:18:47 PDT 2003

On Tuesday, June 3, 2003, at 09:16 AM, Iain E. Davis wrote:

>> One author who _did_ write the same book over and over (and
>> over and over and over ...) was Jack Chalker.  I stopped
>> reading him in the mid-80's when I could no longer ignore the
>> fact that every book was the same, down to the characters and
>> details of the plot.  The man seemed to have a thing for
>> male- female transformations, too.
> You too? I really liked some of his books initially, and then it all 
> got so
> old.  I think mostly I was really taken with the basic ideas of the 
> Well
> World books, but tired of the actual stories pretty quickly. :).
> And he had a thing for transformation, in general, it seemed like.  
> This
> that or the other being transformed in to this other that or the 
> other. :)

Yes, he did. I never really thought about it before now. The only 
series I read of his I enjoyed was the Spirits Of Flux and Anchor, in 
my opinion, his best series and one where he actually quit while he 
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